Smith & Warren introduces The Badge of Life

Smith & Warren The Badge of LifeSmith & Warren has recently introduced The Badge of Life, a badge made specifically for EMS professionals. In a press release, Smith & Warren announces the addition of the new badge to EMS professionals:

The Badge of Life™ is the only badge uniquely designed to reflect the EMS professionals pledge to:

SAVE – By providing the best treatment available to patients while in your care.

SERVE- The community in which you work without discrimination.

RESPECT – The dignity and privacy of those homes and businesses you enter.

Manufactured in the USA by Smith & Warren®, The Badge of Life™ features the star of life positioned at the top of the badge with sun rays radiating from the center seal. The standard center seal has been designed using red and blue enamel representing blood that depicts Life. The Eagle represents the National EMS system and the five stars act as yet another reminder to provide every patient with quality care. Two standard models are available that have either a solid metal star of life, polished and electroplated to a brilliant silver or gold finish or a classic blue star of life finished with the highest quality hard fired cloisonné enamel. With a variety of finishes, attachments, lettering and EMS center seal options, The Badge of Life™ can be customized to meet individual needs. Combined with Smith & Warren’s® Visualbadge™ technology customers can also customize and preview The Badge of Life™ at

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Badge benefits: The best deals and discounts for police officers

Police officers may not always feel appreciated, especially when they’re dealing with disgruntled criminals. And when the majority of people that police officers deal with are indeed disgruntled criminals, they may start to forget that there are plenty of people out there who truly appreciate them. And what better way to show appreciation than to give an officer a deal or discount? Today, I’ll introduce you to some of the special deals that are available for police officers to use. Badge Central Smith & Warren badge

Badge Central: 15% off and free shipping on Smith & Warren badges

First and foremost, of course, is the 15% off and free shipping deal that Badge Central offers every day. That’s right, Badge Central offers Smith & Warren badges at 15% off every day, and ships them for free. I’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than that, but I’ll sure try.

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a program called Good Neighbor Next Door. Under this program, law enforcement officers, teachers, and firefighters/EMTs can purchase eligible homes in revitalization areas for 50% off the list price. To take advantage of this discount, you must commit to making the property your sole residence for at least 36 months. Why does HUD offer such a significant discount? HUD’s goal is community revitalization, and they believe that public safety professionals and teachers help further this goal. Visit the HUD website to learn more.

Apple Store for Goverment

Apple offers special prices to government agencies as well as employees. Discounts are available for iPods, computers, and other products, and are valid even if you plan to use these devices for personal entertainment as opposed to work-related activities. To learn more, visit the Apple Store for Government now.

Wireless discounts

The major wireless providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and T-Mobile, all offer discounts for government employees. To learn more about these discounts and to find out if you qualify, visit their respective government program sites: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile.

Travel discounts

Law enforcement officers may be able to save on travel, including cruises, airfare, hotel fees, and rental car costs. To learn more about these discounts, visit This website provides a comprehensive listing of discount opportunities available to government employees. is another great resource for this type of information.

When in doubt, just ask! Even if a company doesn’t have an official police discount policy, you may still be able to get a discount. Simply asking may even encourage a business to adopt a discount policy. If you don’t feel comfortable asking business owners for a discount, visit one of the many online forums dedicated to this topic and ask fellow officers for their experiences with particular companies.

Thanks for reading the Badge Central blog! Please feel free to email us or post a comment here, especially if you have any money-saving tips to share with fellow public safety professionals. We’d love to hear from you! Have a great week!


A guide to Smith & Warren finishes

Smith & Warren is known for their dedication to manufacturing the finest badges for police, fire, EMS, and other public safety professionals. Smith & Warren manufactures their badges, from start to finish, in their White Plains, New York facility. They utilize the latest technologies as well as time-tested methods to craft badges that last. One of the most impressive aspects of the Smith & Warren manufacturing process is their metal finishes. Today, I’ll explain how the metal finishes are applied, and I’ll show you the various finish choices.

Smith & Warren finishesSmith & Warren uses the most advanced technologies for their metal finishes. The process begins with a badge that has been cut from a sheet of metal. The badge is engraved and attachments and panels are affixed with silver solder. The badge receives its hard enamel application, and then it’s ready for a metal finish. Precious metal alloys are electroplated over the metal, creating a durable, long-lasting, beautiful finish.

When you order your Smith & Warren badge, you can choose from a variety of metal finishes:

Standard finishes

  • Nickel electroplate: The nickel electroplate finish is the least expensive silver tone finish that Smith & Warren offers. This finish is incredibly durable, but may become somewhat dull with age.
  • Rhodium electroplate: This silver tone finish offers durability as well as a brilliant, bright shine that will not tarnish.
  • Gold electroplate: This finish is made from pure 24K gold, electroplated over a nickel base. This finish resists tarnishing, but may show wear over time.
Deluxe finishes
  • Sil-Ray: This silver tone finish is created by giving a thick, heavy layer of silver a protective clear-coat finish.
  • Gol-Ray: This finish is achieved by combining heavy electroplated layers of pure 24K gold an extremely hard protective clear-coat finish.
  • Two-tone: The two-tone finish combines Gol-Ray and Sil-Ray finishes.
  • Cote D’Or: The Cote D’Or finish is the highest quality finish that Smith & Warren offers. Smith & Warren achieves this finish by laying their thickest possible layer of pure 24K gold, and then applying a durable clear-coat finish.
All Smith & Warren finishes are backed by a full lifetime warranty. Thanks for reading the Badge Central blog. Have a great week, and be sure to visit our site for 15% off Smith & Warren badges, every day!

Great gift idea: Family badges

With the holidays fast approaching, this is a great time to start thinking of gift ideas for the most important people in your life. At Badge Central, we offer Smith & Warren family badges, which make excellent gifts for those whose loved ones work as law enforcement, public safety, fire, or EMS professionals. Family badges are made with the same top-quality materials and level of craftsmanship as Smith & Warren’s regular badges, on a smaller scale. These badges are available in over 30 styles, and can be finished in either gold or nickel electroplate.

The Smith & Warren VisualBadge system allows you to fully customize your family badge. If you’re not familiar with VisualBadge, I’ll walk you through the basic steps of the ordering process:

  1. First, visit the VisualBadge page and choose your badge style. Family badges are offered in over 30 styles. Smith & Warren VisualBadge family badge styles
  2. Once you’ve clicked on your chose badge style, you can now select your finish – either gold or nickel electroplate. Smith & Warren VisualBadge finish options
  3. Now you can type in the text that you’d like to have engraved on your family badge as well as the color of the enamel that you’d like to have used for the engraving. In the example shown, I’ve typed in “HIGHWAY PATROL” for line 1 and “TROOPER’S WIFE” for line 2, and I chose black enamel for the engraving.Smith & Warren VisualBadge text input and enamel color
  4. Now you can choose a free color center seal for your family badge. Click on “choose seal” and you’ll see a pop-up window that displays all center seal options. Options include state-specific and Canadian styles as well as seals designed specifically for law enforcement, security, fire, EMS, and chaplain professionals. Smith & Warren VisualBadge center seal choices
  5. As you create your badge, the VisualBadge program will display an image of how your badge will look. Once you’ve created your badge, you can choose to preview it as a badge only, or you can preview it on a keyfob, ID case, or credit card wallet. These displays are shown below.Smith & Warren VisualBadge keyfob displaySmith & Warren VisualBadge ID wallet displaySmith & Warren VisualBadge credit card wallet display
  6. Once you’ve chosen between a plain badge, keyfob, ID wallet, and credit card wallet, you can place your order. Alternatively, you can either print or email your design.
Smith & Warren family badges, like all of Smith & Warren badges, are backed with a full lifetime warranty, making them a great gift that your special someone will cherish for years to come. Thanks for reading the Badge Central blog, and have a great week!

Spotlight on Smith & Warren

Welcome to the Badge Central blog! At Badge Central, we are proud to exclusively sell Smith & Warren badges through the Smith & Warren VisualBadge online ordering system. We prefer Smith & Warren badges for many reasons, and today, I’d like to share some of those reasons with you.

Made in the USA: Smith & Warren has been in business since 1925, and they manufacture all of their badges in their White Plains, New York facility. Every step of the process, including stamping, engraving, assembly, and metal finishing, is performed by Smith & Warren’s highly trained staff. At Badge Central, most of our customers are public safety professionals who dedicate their lives to serving their community and their country, and they want to support companies that manufacture their products in the United States.

Quality metal finishes:  Smith & Warren offers the highest quality metal finishes. They offer standard finishes including nickel, rhodium, and gold-plated nickel. Their deluxe finishes include silver and 24K gold, and are coated with Clear Shield, Smith & Warren’s clearcoat technology that is guaranteed to never chip, flake, crack, or tarnish.

Customer service: Smith & Warren has always placed a great deal of importance on providing excellent service to their customers. Badges are manufactured and shipped in 4-5 weeks, and they back all of their badges with a full lifetime warranty.

Our customers are always amazed by the quality, durability, attention to detail, and beauty that their Smith & Warren badges feature. We are proud to offer these amazing badges to our customers, because we know that they won’t be disappointed. We are especially happy to offer 15% off Smith & Warren badges every day at Badge Central. Please visit our site to design your own Smith & Warren badge and experience the Smith & Warren quality for yourself. Thanks for reading our blog! We’ll be using this blog to discuss all things badge-related. Please feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions!